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Welcome to Voodoo Creative Development, a team full of development heroes, with expertise ranging from WordPress through to bespoke development.

Taking the building blocks from design, to build something that gives you a rare fusion of style and functionality. Our development team ensures our designs, websites, newsletters (you name it) are built to allow the design to shine, and to allow you as a business to get the most out of how intelligent the online world can be.

Web Development

Web Development, is literally like speaking a different language! Luckily, we've got a team of development pros...

Bespoke design and development go together hand in hand. A fresh, captivating design, will be placed in the safe hands of our development team, to create you a content management system, that allows flexibility and creativity when it comes to you adding in content. Simply put, we develop websites that last, function brilliantly, and are user friendly.

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E-Commerce is taking over, and you can see why...

Shopping online, an addictive new shopping experience, easy, fast and cost effective. We understand E-commerce, and building sites that have users coming back again again, is part of our rather enjoyable day job. From 1 order a day, to 10,000 orders a day, our simplistic, modern, intuitive development, will make any e-commerce site simple to manage.

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Content Management Systems

Content management systems have a huge impact on how your business is run, so getting this right, is incredibly important...

There’s a world of Content Management Systems to choose from, yet sometimes, you’ll find you’re a square peg in a round hole. Luckily enough, we think outside of the box too (or circle in this case) so if you can’t find something that works for your business, we can develop a content management system bespoke to your requirements.

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Our hosting facility is a luxurious safe haven for all websites and business owners.

When all is said and done, your website needs a safe place to call home. Our hosting service ensures your website is set up on the most effective server, that ensures speed, security and value. Meaning your investment, business and mind can rest easy.

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