Digital Marketing

There’s a world of opportunities out there, and with us by your side, these opportunities are yours for the taking! Get your business seen...

The different forms of advertising, marketing and optimisation can sometimes be overwhelming, whether you’re a brand new business, or global, we can help with whatever your plans may be. Or, if you’re not sure what your plans are yet, we can consult on these too. We’re not a marketing agency, we’re your team, and we don’t take that role lightly.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing getting the better of you? We can help...

Ah, the days where getting an email was a novelty, where everything landing in your inbox, was of some use, and spam, was a canned crime, not an inbox crime. Inboxes across the UK are saturated, that’s why getting your marketing campaigns right, is more important than ever. Clever, effective, and an open rate that will be the envy of each and every competitor. Inbox us, and we’ll get back to you!

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Social Media

Being able to connect with your customers, through a social site, is a powerful tool, harness this power properly, and the world is literally at your fingertips.

It’s not often you can say this openly at work, however we spend a lot of our time on social media: planning, researching, marketing, and engaging. Then we spend our time hearing about the interest and excitement our clients have had from our work, which is always delightful. The jargon doesn’t have to feel like jargon, when you’ve got us on your side.

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When you need an answer, recommendation, or product, you aren’t expected to wait anymore. Don’t make your potential customers wait either, get found online, where you need to be found.

Google, Yahoo, Bing, (Ask Jeeves, if you’re visiting us from the past) are all powerful search engines, appearing on them is invaluable, and we help our clients achieve this each and everyday. We know there’s empty promises, those evil black hat companies, and a world full of do’s and don’ts out there to put you off even thinking about SEO. However, it’s simple, the Voodoo Creative team are here to just, take that weight off of your mind. No long term contracts, flexible pricing, and we sign the contract to say, we’ll always act in the interest of your company. A promise, that’s incredibly important to us here.

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PPC? Huh? Pay Per click, the part where you pay search engines to display your adverts. Done right, it's pretty smart!

Pay Per Click can be a daunting campaign to launch. There's a world of numbers and statistics to keep and eye on, and getting the most of your money is incredibly important to get right. Here at Voodoo Creative we run the entire campaign from implementation all the way through to the wonderful moment you tell us you've never been busier! Get in touch today to discuss all things PPC.

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