Pros And Cons Of PPC.

Pros And Cons Of PPC.

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Pros And Cons Of PPC.

PPC Marketing Pros:


  • Ability to set your own budget.


With PPC, you can set a daily budget which will no longer display your ad after you have used your daily budget.


  • Target specific keywords.


If your website sells personalized phone cases, you could target keywords such as “personalized phone cases,” custom phone cases,” “design your own phone case,” etc. This creates highly targeted visitors whom are ready and eager to purchase your product.


  • Target specific regions.


You can have the option to set your target audience by location. This makes it easier to only receive potential clients so that no one from another country click on your ad.



PPC Marketing Cons:


  • Bidding wars.


When two or more companies are fighting to be at the top spot, it can turn into a bidding war. This can make your PPC ad very costly. When this happens remember to focus on the amount of people who actually search for that keyword.


  • Charges you for each click.


The price of a click depends on the amount you set it at and your budget. This varies with the keyword and position.


  • PPC Ads Disappear When Your Campaign Ends.


PPC ads stop appearing on browsers when you stop paying this is when all the sales will stop with it as well.




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